Innovative technology in an eternal trial of strength against the unpredictable forces of nature and an untamed passion for wind, waves, freedom and a unique type of sport. All around the world, countless numbers of people are captivated and fascinating by sailing. The BMW Yachtsport Photo Book uses a series of impressive images to tell the story of this interaction between humans, the elements and technology.


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Dr Ian Robertson


Children love to draw sailing boats, or make paper models, and it would be difficult to find an adult who remains unmoved by the beauty of a sailing yacht. The aesthetics of sailing boats, their promise of freedom, untamed nature and their tangible power have ever-fascinated humans. The art of yachting photography involves the ability to capture this fascination. The magic of these images is based on hard work and a high level of skill. This year, our renowned photographers have captured the special moments, the most spectacular manoeuvres and all the beauty of sailing for you. 

Carlo Borlenghi.

Carlo Borlenghi was born in 1956, in Bellano on Lake Como, and began his career in photography by covering local regattas. He started working with the “Uomo Mare Vogue” magazine at a young age and travelled around the globe to accompany the most important sailing events with his camera. Borlenghi has retained his great enthusiasm for photography and is always on the lookout for new adventures. He has a very open-minded attitude towards new technology and developments in the world of photography. Carlo Borlenghi was in action as team photographer at the America’s Cup for the Italian campaigns “Azzurra” (1983), “Italia” (1987), “Moro di Venezia” (1992) and “Luna Rossa” (2000 and 2003). In 2007, he experienced the 32nd America’s Cup in the capacity of official photographer for the event organisers and then worked for Swiss defending champion “Alinghi” in 2010.

Pedro Martinez.

Pedro Martinez was born with his passion for photography: being the son of Nico Martinez, one of the most successful photographers in international yachtsport, he was familiar with sailing from an early age and accompanied his father to countless important events, such as the Copa del Rey. It soon became clear that he intended to specialise in sports photography. After working for UEFA, BMW, and Nike, Martinez teamed up with Jesús Renedo in 2014 to found the “Sailing Energy” studio, specialising in Olympic sailing. The duo have been official photographers for the world sailing association ISAF since 2016. Pedro Martinez was in the top five in the renowned “Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image” photography competition in 2013, 2014 and 2017.

Martina Orsini.

Born in Milan in 1986, Martina Orsini can thank her parents for helping her to discover an early passion for all forms of sailing. Orsini is in her element when she is around boats, wind and water - whether she is windsurfing, or sailing a Moth or a Laser. After completing her philosophy degree and a Master’s in Visual Arts, Orsini turned to yachtsport photography during the 2012 Moth World Championships on Lake Garda. Orsini has now become official photographer for the Italian sailing association, the “Foiling Week” and the Italian section of the International Moth Class Association. Orsini also produces reportages in her capacity as a print and photo journalist for various magazines.

Ricardo Pinto.

Ricardo Pinto always knew that he had a special connection with the ocean. Born on Madeira in 1980, he grew up around sailing and completed his sailing instructor training at the same time as studying to become a civil engineer. His passion for the sport saw him organising, documenting and photographing regattas and boat shows. This marked the start of a successful career in professional photography. Pinto refers to himself as an “adventure sports photographer”, be that sailing, yacht racing or extreme sports. He places particular importance on giving observers the feeling of being right there at the moment the picture was taken, experiencing the situation “live”. What started out as a useful sideline at the events he had organised has become a full-time job. Pinto now spends much of the year travelling around the globe to capture the most important sailing events on film.