Power, performance and elegance.The BMW Concept 8 series meets Nautor's Swan.


Refined beauty, untainted power, modern luxury and uncompromising dynamics. There are obvious analogies between the cars made by BMW and the yachts crafted by Nautor’s Swan. When it comes to elaborate taste, exclusive sporting spirit and exceptional craftsmanship, they are a perfect match. It is the art of engineering of both companies that allows us to live life to the fullest, escape mediocrity and experience the glory of speed, elegance and perfection – on land and on water. A fact that was already apparent in 2017 when the Finnish shipyard partnered with BMW to create the exclusive BMW Individual M760Li inspired by Nautor’s Swan. 

The new BMW 8 Series Coupé adds a brand-new chapter to the long history of BMW’s sensational sports cars. Like a streamlined yacht, the design of the BMW 8 Series conveys a modern form of sporting appeal, beautifully blended with an air of exclusiveness and sensual allure. It is a true gentleman's racer with more style and dynamics than ever before, very much like the ClubSwan 50, which is at the cutting edge of contemporary yacht design, with captivating looks and the natural elegance of a Swan.

The high-performance yacht was developed based upon Nautor's Swan’s design principles: innovation, technology and performance.
These are the same key principles that drive BMW, and they are clearly mirrored in the sophisticated beauty and vigor of the new BMW 8 Series Coupé. Its unique aura is the result of a new styling language focusing on clarity, modernity and emotional engagement. The car stands strong and muscular, with sharply drawn lines and a flat roofline creating an especially distinctive coupé form that sets entirely new standards. The purist interior features highest-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies. It ensures a luxurious atmosphere second to none in the sports car segment.

The elegant operating elements and the clear design lines underline the maximized orientation on the driver and provide the ideal environment for pure driving pleasure. With powerful engine options like the TwinPower Turbo 8-cylinder of the BMW M850i xDrive as well as stunning color options, the new 8 Series is made for racers and gentlemen: perfect in every detail. 

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Each and every colour of a BMW concept vehicle is developed individually by the BMW
Design team. The colors are unique to each new model and are designed to improve and enhance their specific features. And they are developed almost as meticulously as the vehicle itself. Usually, nobody gets access
to these colors.

But when Swiss tenor August Schram, both a passionate sailor and fan of fast and beautiful cars, saw
“Barcelona Grey Metallic," he was so impressed he wanted his new ClubSwan 50 Stella Maris to be painted the same way. Barcelona Grey Metallic was the
original colour of the BMW Concept 8 Series when it was introduced in Frankfurt.

For August Schram, the BMW 8 Series Coupé and its unique aura immediately became the idol for his Stella Maris. But what can there be in common between a car and a yacht? Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, says: “The
BMW Concept 8 Series is our take on a full-blooded high-end driving machine.” It is a gentleman´s racer, an elegant powerhouse with true race track
DNA; a beautifully shaped car with razor-sharp dynamics and absolute traction, making it the perfect match for a fast yacht like Schram’s Stella Maris. 

And then, there’s that color: Barcelona Grey Metallic, with its highly iridescent pigments that change the actual appearance depending on the incidence of light, just like seawater. A musical note, also, can change
its colour, depending on the singer, the instrument, the volume. "Sound can be as diverse as colours," Schram says. The voice of a singer enhances the content of a song. "Sound can be clear, dark, sonorous and faint; sound is light and shadow.“ And that is why the tenor found the perfect colour to emphasize the performance of his ClubSwan 50.

The passion for BMW has, therefore, for the first time directly been transformed into the passion for
sailing – thanks to August Schram’s attention to detail that goes far beyond music. 

From now on, the Colour of Sound will accompany the tenor and his sleek ClubSwan 50 elegantly
across the waters. "Music is my life; colour my expression," concludes August Schram.

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To mark its 25th anniversary, BMW Individual is presenting a car that stands out even amongst all the special editions and individual models of past years: the BMW Individual M760Li inspired by Nautor's Swan. For more than 50 years, Nautor's Swan has been synonymous with luxury, high-performance yachts. BMW Yachtsport and the Finnish yacht designer and manufacturer have enjoyed a partnership since 2015, which has seen the two brands appear together at prestigious regattas in the Mediterranean. The two premium brands also share such values as dynamics, innovation and luxury, while the products feature elegant restraint in a holistic appearance. The one-off model, designed in close collaboration, now combines the best of both worlds and interprets BMW’s top model, the BMW top model M760Li xDrive V12 Excellence in a maritime and sophisticated manner. 

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Hand-made details.

Nautor's Swan produced some elements for this special model by hand. These include the carbon-bonded teak panels that grace the boot floor in the BMW Individual M760Li inspired by Nautor's Swan. The entry sills and floor mats are also made of teak and have been produced by Nautor's Swan. The “Nautor's Swan” signet is stitched into the headrests and cushions. The brake calipers on the BMW Individual M760Li, which are exclusively finished in the same colour as the car, each bear a raised Swan logo. The boot lid of the car is also decorated with the Nautor’s Swan arrow.

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The BMW M760Li xDrive.

The starting point for such a special car was none less than the already impressive BMW M760Li xDrive. The exterior of the car is finished in the special BMW Individual colour damask red, while the interior features two-tone fine-grain Merino leather in smoke white and Criollo brown. The same is true of other features finished in leather, such as the footrests in the back of the car. BMW Individual takes the full leather interior to the next level, integrating top-quality BMW leather varieties into the trims for the A and B pillars, seat trims, door sills and the side covers for the instrument panel. The vehicle manual is also produced inside the Manufaktur and bound in Criollo brown Merino leather.

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