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BMW Yachtsport Ambassador.

Markus Wieser.BMW Yachtsport Ambassador.

Markus Wieser has been one of Germany's best and most successful regatta sailors for many years. His great strengths as a sailor include tactical skills and versatility. 

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Markus Wieser is one of the best German sailors and has celebrated countless victories in a diverse range of boat classes and disciplines. Between 1984 and 1992, he sailed on the Flying Dutchman and focussed on big boat and match racing. In recent years, Wieser has been a talking point in the dragon class in particular, and sailed from one success to the next: He has won almost every important title at least once since 2005. The man from Starnberg ended the 2013 and 2014 seasons in first place in the world rankings for dragon racing. Wieser is also successful in other classes of boat. For example, he won the world championship in his first regatta in the 5.5mr class in 2013.

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It is a great challenge catching the field from behind after a bad start and getting a good result.
Markus Wieser, BMW Yachtsport Ambassador


BMW Yachtssport Bayrischer Yachtclub


The home of Markus Wieser.

Since 2018 BMW is also partner of the most reputable yacht club in south of Germany: Bayerischer Yacht-Club. It's not only southern Germany's largest yacht club - the Bayerischer Yachtclub is one of the most reputable clubs in Bavaria. Founded in 1888 the BYC counted various members of the Bavarian Royal family in its ranks, and is still the most popular sailing destination for the residents of nearby Munich. With a strong desire to keep building the future, the BYC has a very active youth sailing program. 

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What do you do when you aren't sailing?
I take care of our family business.

What will sailing be like in ten years?
The foil technique will become more and more prevalent and also establish itself in hobby sailing. However, the rapidly increasing speed of sailing boats that this will bring, whether monohull or multihull, will mean there is an increased safety risk. Speed limits and recommended speeds will need to be introduced.


What have you always wanted to do?
Experience heli-skiing with my daughter Vanessa in Canada.


Sailing is... passion.

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Markus Wieser Botschafter



Markus Wieser is a grandfather.



Markus Wieser doesn't like offshore sailing.



Markus Wieser started sailing at the age of four.

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