Technology at the limit.

Boundaries are pushed in the America’s Cup.

The America’s Cup has always been more than just a sailing competition, it is also a contest for engineers, inventors and visionaries. Over the course of the 165-year history of this unique competition, the boat designs have repeatedly been revolutionised and the realms of the possible extended in the search for that all-important extra speed.

Ultimate Sailing Machine.

Wing sail, hydrofoils and the best sailors in the world – a breath-taking combination. The catamarans used at the 35th America’s Cup rise almost completely out of the water, achieving spectacular speeds in combination with the wing. Slightly smaller AC45 yachts are used in the LVAC World Series, while the America’s Cup itself is contested on AC50 catamarans.

AC45 in detail.

The beast on the water.

Despite the crazy speeds, which they can develop, even in little wind, AC catamarans are very agile and manoeuvrable. To master them, the crew must not only be skilled sailors, but also extremely athletic.


Each boat is identical in the shape, design, structure and weight of the hulls, daggerboards, rudders, wing mast and sails. The jib and gennaker can be a team’s own design.

Each crew consists of five crew – total maximum weight 437,5kg. The maximum weight per crew member of personal equipment is 6 kg.

The light weight oft he boat, the powerful sail plan and the ability to fly above the water’s surface make the AC45 a potent machine capable of speeds in excess of 35 knots (40 mph). The maximum speed record is 42 mph.


Lightweight design in the America’s Cup.

Extremely light, and at the same time extraordinarily torsion-resistant: carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic is essential in the America’s Cup. An area, in which BMW has a wealth of experience: the BMW Group is the first automobile manufacturer in the world to use the lightweight material carbon in large-scale production in its i models.


Aerodynamics in the
America’s Cup.

Because modern AC catamarans are virtually out of the water as they "fly" across the surface, aerodynamics have become even more important. ORACLE TEAM USA builds on the aerodynamic expertise of the BMW Group and its extraordinary wind tunnel.